Willys Parts

Recently I found a '57 4x4 Wagon in a wrecking yard.  I have pulled a number of items off and some of them are for sale.  There is still a whole schlew of parts that can be saved from the junk pile.  Below is a list of parts that I either have and anything special about it.  All prices are for one item and shipping is required for everything.  Email me and I may be able to find other parts that are salvageable from it, other pictures are located at 

Rear View Mirror Little 409 and good as new Each $15.00
Side Window Latch One of two kinds I know - Metal Each $5.00
Dome Light & Lens Bracket is green, but everything is there Each $15.00
Distributor Base No cracks or chips Each $15.00
Front Bumper No bumperetts or top rail Each $50.00
Hood Chrome Strips  Road scum, 409 & TLC will fix Each $10.00

If you wish to purchase anything on this list, email me, and we can work something out.  I do accept Pay Pal as well as Money Orders and personnel checks, but checks must cash before shipping will be accomplished.

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