General Maintenance


Body: '53 Pick-Up
Engine: L6-226 Super Hurricane
Transmission: T90A
Transfer Case: Spicer 18
Electrical: Custom Wiring
Dash: Custom Cab
History: The History of my truck

Initially when I got my truck from my father it was sitting under a car port and he had one fender, the grill, and the hood all off in and in the bed.  I began by digging off all the stuff that had accumulated over the years until I only had the truck there.  By the way, there was enough junk that it took one whole day working from 7AM till  10PM to remove it all.  When it was all revealed, I discovered that the tires looked inflated and were just old, but that discovery was false due to the whole frame being placed on cinder blocks with wood boards between the metal frame and the cinder block itself. 

First I pulled the second fender off and placed it in the bed with the other body parts, next I started taking apart the engine piece by piece until the block was all that was left on the engine side.  

I then decided to open the doors and take a look in the cabin to see how much work I had there.  The carpet was what looked to be an old rug that had been placed inside on the floor and either ripped away where it wasn't needed, or just tucked here and there to make it work.  After pulling out the carpet, I started pulling off the panel for the transmission case lid and removed the gear shift tower.

Next I drained what little there was from the transfer case and pulled the engine and transmission/transfer case as one unit.  These I discovered were a T90A and Spicer 18 respectively.  Due to my lack of knowledge, all I did to them was to flush them out with fuel to make sure there was no gunk that had built up over the years and inspected the inner workings for damage.  

While the block was at a machine shop getting new valve seats put in I started stripping the front end apart slightly.  I disassembled the front spindles and pulled the axle out to be cleaned and inspected for damage.  I then repacked the Razapa<sp> bearing setup and reassembled the spindles.  While I had the front end apart I pulled off the pumpkin shell and inspected the differential for obvious damage.  With non damage found I reinstalled the pumpkin shell and filled the differential with gear oil and started more work in the cabin.

After inspecting the electrical system I discovered that those old cloth wrapped wires were everywhere and just had to go.  I began drawing lots of pictures of wiring diagrams, which now have let me create a completely custom electrical harness that does exactly the job it needs to do.

By now I was getting short on my time out in California at my parents home and needed to wrap things up.  I put the motor back together and mounted it with the transmission/transfer case at which time I discovered that the clutch dish center at some point had broken and was unusable.  I put the motor/tranny in the truck and loaded everything else that I needed to take with me and headed off to my home in northern Utah.