Electrical System

The electrical harnesses were all replaced when my father got the truck so long ago, but at the time cloth woven over wire was not such a bad thing and many people still had lots lying around.  So my old man used what he had and replaced all the wires.  But since cloth does deteriorate over time, when I started working I had another task ahead of me.  

<rear end>

After ripping out all the wire for the second time in the trucks life in my family, I started drawing up my own schematics of what I thought went where.  There were lights that had been added on to the rear, which made it very simple to follow those, the turn signal I took apart and tested each wire in every position to see how it worked, the dash that had been scrapped at some time in the past and does not have any of the original gauges any longer, but I learned how all the electrical worked with what was there and built a new harness from the cluster to the Circuit breaker panel that I have installed under the dash.

With a new harness from bumper to bumper, I think the electrical is out of the way.  A number of pictures that helped me to make my harness are as follows.

Delco-Remy Diagram Custom diagram # 1 Custom diagram # 2 Dash chart

Delco-Remy's wireing diagram that was documented as 'Typical' in a book titled 'Automotive Mechanics Fifth Edition' by William H. Crouse, copyright 1965.

This is my hand drwing of my electrical system prior running wires. I think that this is the way the power generation system should look.  I guess if I start off with fire it is wrong, but if I start off and have no problems then it is good.
Brake Wiring Turn Signal
Basic principle to brake light wiring. Turn Signal inner workings.