1974 Chevrolet Small Block 350

Camshaft Bearings Clevite 77 SH-290 S
Camshaft                  (matched to lifters) Crane Cams 100032
Lifters                  (matched to camshaft) Crane Cams 100032
Lifter Rods Crane Cams 11660-16
Lifter Rod Guides Crane Cams
Rocker Arms Crane Cams 11744-16 (M611270-2001)
Intake Valves
Exhaust Valves
Gasket Kit
Main Bearings Clevite 77 BC296J020
Crankshaft Stock Chevy  Turned .020
Rod Bearings Engine Tech BB253J020
Pistons Speed Pro H631P STD.
Rings Federal Mogul E-251K (2M-139)
Timing Gears Crane Cams 11992-1
Timing Gear Cap & Lock Federal Mogul 3818007  (A24301)
Timing Chain Cover Comp Cams 208
Flywheel Assembly ATP Z-111
- Flywheel Bolts Mr. Gasket 912
Thermostat Hypertech Powerstat 1000
Oil Filter Adapter Fram HPK1
Oil Pump Federal Mogul 224-4143
Water Pump Mildon MIL-16200 (AFF03E03 A6)
Fuel Pump Holley 12-327-11 (GM SB 110GPH)
Melling M-55005