Charles Alexander Yates

Father: St. Elmo Alfred Yates
MotherKathryn May Mockbee (Lutton) (McCauley) Yates

Born: September 29, 1944
 - Fellows, California

 - Patricia (McCauley) Kropf
 - James McCauley
 - John McCauley
 - Ron McCauley

 - Kathryn Phoebe (Yates) Richardson
 - Alfred St. Elmo Yates
 - Dawn Yvonne (Yates) Michel
 - Lee Anna (Yates) Hannah
 - William Richard Yates
 - Ruth E. Yates
 - Gordon D. Yates

 - Mount Vernon Elementary School
 - Pioneer Junior High School
 - Washington Junior High School
 - East Bakersfield High School

Marriage: Saturday, April 13, 1974
 - Grace Diane Hall
   - First Methodist Church, Hayward, California

 - Matthew Corey Yates
 - Jason Allen Yates
 - Jonathan Charles Yates


Charles Alexander Yates was born at home in Fellows, CA, on September 29, 1944. The family was split up when he was four years old, and he was raised in foster homes. Dad does not remember the names of all the schools he attended. He was in and out of different foster homes, and sometimes didn't stay long in any one school. He moved into Bakersfield and attended Mt. Vernon Elementary School for about three months. He then attended Pioneer and Washington Junior High Schools, and East Bakersfield High School, where he graduated in June, 1963.

We were married at the First Methodist Church in Hayward, CA on Saturday, April 13, 1974. All three of you boys were born at Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, CA.