21 May 2001 -Resolved a portal problem.
-Added a few more maps to Sablina's Maps section.
-Fixed a few links.
04 Apr 2001 -Started adding links within maps to Stores and Libraries.
-Fixed a few links.
16 Mar 2001 -Added more books to the Library.
-Added a Master Index for book reference in my Library.
-Worked some more on Sablina's Maps.
-Started my page on the Time system.
-Made a couple corrections and added my tests to Herbology.
10 Mar 2001 -Expanded the Therenborough maps in Sablina's Maps.
-Added The Gealeranendae College to the Library.
-Added both Freshman and Main wings of the Asemath Academy to
    my Library.
-Fixed the picture in the DR Description page.
06 Mar 2001 -Fixed a number of links.
-Fixed the Printable Version of Wilderness Ways II.
05 Mar 2001 -Added the Northern Trade Route area to Sablina's Maps.
04 Mar 2001 -Fixed a number of links.
-Added a link to the picture alone in Sablina's Maps.
-Added the Riverhaven and Therenborough sections to Sablina's
01 Mar 2001 -Added the Riverhaven Empath Guild wing to the Library.
-Added book descriptions of all the books I know in the Library.
-Added a Library reference to other Libraries in my Library
-Added the Leth Deriel area of Sablina's Maps.
26 Feb 2001 -Added the Crossing area of Sablina's Maps.
-Added Therenborough Library wing to my Library.
25 Feb 2001 -Added Shortbows, Arrows and Woods to the Fletching page.
24 Feb 2001 -Added more books to the Library.
-Added the Riverhaven Academy wing to the Library.
-Updated my Herbology page.
16 Feb 2001 -Added the Empath titles listing.
-Added the Longbow page.
15 Feb 2001 -Fixed a couple of links.
-Added the Ranger Advancement page and tied it in with the rest of
    the Advancement page.
-Added a list of book locations in the Library.
13 Feb 2001 -Started the Fletching page.
-Added the "Not Just for Rangers" section.
11 Feb 2001 -Added more books to the Library.
-Started a page on Herbology.
-Started a page on Runes.
10 Feb 2001 -Added more books to the Library.
-Added the beginning of a Weapons list.
09 Feb 2001 -Added the Empath circle table.
-Joined the "Rings Around Elanthia" web-ring.
-Submitted my The Forest Trail to Simutronics-DragonRealms.
07 Feb 2001 -Added the Ranger circle table.
05 Feb 2001 -Added my Gamegweth translator to the Library.
-Added a few more Maps.
04 Feb 2001 -Added the Library and some of the cleaned up texts from the game.
-Added Ranger titles listing.
-Added the Links page.
03 Feb 2001 -Discovered the publishing error fix and published.
-Added frames to the page.
-Added my easy version of Tabac's Wilderness Ways II.
     Dec 2000 -Still couldn't upload but came up with some new ideas of what the
    end result should be.
25 Nov 2000 -Got a uploading error that wouldn't let me publish anything.
17 Nov 2000 -Added Maps to the site and made them slightly interactive.
15 Nov 2000 -Copied all the "Trail" text off my long forgotten DR web site on AOL.
-Built the rough version of this site with no frames and only a few bits
    of information.
-Built up "My Home" from the old site to the new one with good links.