[Forest trail]
As you walk down the path through the woods, you are surrounded by a calmness unknown in a city. The sounds of the forest are still here, but they don't seem as annoying as the noise you find in the city. Off in the distance a squirrel cries out, while on the ground to your left, the bushes move by an unseen creature's sudden movement. You are nearly overcome by the urge to stop and rest here against the towering pine tree on the right side of the trail. Never before have you felt this much at peace. Another deer trail crosses yours here. You also see some bushes that seem to be a marker of some sort, leading you toward the north. By the tracks here it looks as though Hit Counter people have come by here, as well as 45 deer, 69 squirrels, and 105 raccoons.  If you turn around you can see the forest trail back the way you came.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, southwest