"The Forest Trail"

Weather you stumbled down this trail by mistake or came here with purpose, DragonRealms is a wonderfully exciting place.  I am Cranier, and have taken the time to put down what I know about Elanthia.  From the texts that I have read while in the game, or things that I have mapped, let the information on "The Forest Trail" guide you through adventure.

I cannot guarantee that everything is exact as things do change, but if you find something wrong, let me know and I will do my best to fix it.  Contact me either in the game via Cranier who is most often in the northern province of Therengia, or leave me a note attached to a tree somewhere on the trail.

So please, take a gander through my "dream" home and then peruse through the library.  I will constantly keep The Forest Trail clear and under control.

Cranier Reignquest - The Ranger in Grey