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"The "Forest Trail"

This is a world of online people who are set free from the boundaries of the real world, and are able to meet in a place that does not exist.  Doing battle with creatures that are of myth and legend, dancing with elves, and having a smoke with and ornery dwarf.  This place is called Elanthia, and it is part of DragonRealms, an interactive, multiplayer, online, text based, role playing game. 

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Since November of 1996 I have had one character who visits from time to time and explores the realms.  Cranier by name is a solitary creature, he has never fallen into the draw of greatness, yet is old to the point that many do not understand why he is not among the greatest in the land.  In my travels through him, I have met people from around the world, and within a stones throw away. 


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