Wasatch Reptile Expo 2000

On the Second Weekend of July in 2000, there was an Expo featuring Reptiles, that was produced by eNVy Reptiles.  This was the first in a hopefully continuing annual reptile show for our area.  My wife and I assisted a friend of ours (Carlene Meyers) at her booth for this show.  We decided that a few display animals would be good business as well as good for education, so along with our Jackson's Chameleons, we brought our two smallest Burmese Pythons.  Baby is the 9 foot albino, and Martin is the 9 foot green/patternless.

Wendy and I taking a stroll through the expo. These little hatchlings were just having a ball.
Wendy and I did alot of walking, and showing around while giving small educational lessons throughout the expo. These two little guys thought that Martin was the coolest thing around while they were holding him.  And 'dad' was all kinds of interested in deshocking them at a young age.

Wendy in front of our booth.

This is a far look at Wendy talking to some people in
front of the booth run by Carlene Meyers.